es gibt sie wieder Kopie

 The history of Henric’s Oldenkott senior & Comp., Rees am Rhein, goes back to the year 1838 and is marked by changing fortunes.

The pipe and tobacco factory was founded in 1838 by the merchant August Kersten in Rees am Rhein. The name Oldenkott originates from the Netherlands where a tobacco factory of the same name existed. August Kersten acquired shares in the company "Heinrich Oldenkott sen. & amp; Co" which resided in Elten, as well as its headquarters in Weesp, Netherlands, where tobacco was produced since 1740.

August Kersten concentrated the production later in Rees. Here in Rees, Oldenkott began in 1932 with the production of pipes, which established the international reputation of the brand.

In 1972, the trademark Oldenkott was sold to the Dutch tobacco company Theodorus Niemeyer, Groningen, and in 1987, Peter Kersten, the founder’s son, repurchased the company, but ceased production in 1992.

In 2012, we have acquired the rights to the trademark with the aim to resume a small production of pipes.

The Production of the pipes is underway now. On 24 november 2013, the new pipes were presented on the occasion of the opening of the exhibition '175 years Oldenkott' at the Konrad Bosman Museum of the City of Rees.

1838_rollup Kopie